MAKING WORLDS: An OWS Forum on the Commons

February 16-18

Church of the Ascension, 122 Java St. (Greenpoint)

Download program:  MAKING WORLDS-program.pdf

THURSDAY, February 16

5pm WELCOME: Sign-In, Food
6-6:45pm OPENING:
Introductory words / Making Worlds Organizers
Introduction to the Commons / Silvia Federici
Dawn Diaz – Women Against Domestic Violence
6:45-7:15pm Dinner
7:15-9pm George Caffentzis.
James Quilligan – Global Commons Trust
Christopher Rude – Union for Radical Political Economics
Alicia Godsberg – OWS Antiwar WG and Peace Action

FRIDAY, February 17

5pm WELCOME: Sign-In, Food.
6-7:30pm SESSION 1:
– Reclaiming the Commons. (Alexa Bradley )
– Water struggle in Bolivia. (Marcela Olivera)
– Beyond Oil NYC. (Dan Miner).
– Occupy Food: Seeds. (Alec Higgins & Otter Renson)
– Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development Update. (Sara Burke)
– Ecosocialist Horizons. Qunicy Saul.
7:30-8:15pm Surveying Commons Activism on the International Stage – David Bollier
8:15-9:45pm SESSION 2:
– Art and the Commons: Beyond the Tangible. (Maria Byck, Antonio Serna – OWS Artists)
– From Copyright to Copyleft: Commons for arts and sciences. (Marcos Wasem)
– Commons Support (Tom Nielsen)
– Occupy University & Occupy Student Debt Campaign. (George Caffentzis, Robert Oxford and Chris Casuccio)

SATURDAY, February 18

9-10am WELCOME: Sign-In, Breakfast
10AM-11:45pm SESSION 3:
– Feminist/Queer/Postcolonial commons. (Miriam Tola).
– Challenging Male Supremacy Project. (RJ Maccani).
– Child Raising as a Form of Resistance that builds radical communities and relationships. (Ileana Méndez-Peñate).
– Reclaiming and Reorganizing Birth, Breastfeeding, Babycare for the Commons.
(Ina Bransome & Haya Brant)
– Domestic Workers Alliance. (Priscilla Gonzalez).
– OWS Health Action. (Babak Karimi).
11:45-12pm Break (15 min)
12-1:45pm SESSION 4:
ECONOMY – Economics of the Commons
– Public Goods, Externalities. Market definitions of the Commons. (John McGloin)
– Solidarity Economics. (Caroline Woolard-Solidarity NYC)
– An Introduction to the Commons. (James Quilligan, Nancy Roof)
– The Anti-commons of the Commodity. (Chris Rude, URPE)
1:45-2:45 LUNCH
2:45PM-4:30pm SESSION 5:
ECONOMY – Money and Banking
– Alternative Banking and Alternative Economies, (Jim Costanzo)
– OWS Strategies in Alternative Economies. (Evan Wagner)
– Questions and answers about money, banking and finance.
(Chris Rude and Sara Burke – URPE)
4:30-4:45pm Break (15 min)
4:45-6:30pm SESSION 6:
Creating New Commons with City Top Level Domains. (Tom Lowenhaupt)
Technology and Social Change: Building New Economic Networks. (Ron Suarez)
– Immigrant, Resident Voting Rights. (David Andersson)
– Occupy-Commons Strategy Workshop. (Mary Beth Steisslinger, in New York. George Pór, Tina Bakolitsa, Mark Jagdev, in London)
6:30-6:45pm Break (15 min)