Agenda 16 March – 2013: meeting at Brooklyn Commons

1- Update on confirmed attendees (what groups are? how to connect them, structure the sessions, etc.?

– Make a separate googledoc for confirmed organizations. We will use this as a template for putting names of orgs and groups at MW website.
– That list will include:
Maria already created that doc:

– Organizations we still have to contact:
Picture the homeless: Sara can contact them?

– We reviewed the list of groups and orgs. Please check out the planning doc for adding more groups or finalize contacting groups.

2. List of tasks to distribute:

-”point persons” – taking care of parts of the conversation – this means making sure we address the proposed questions, doing brief introductions to the people participating, study and research what groups that are going to be present.
We can distribute parts of the forum for different point persons *** see program of the forum below
We will distribute roles for each session next week.

– Bklyn community TV. Waiting for more specific reply.
Kara will be in touch with other media.
– Global Rev Media. (Maria will contact)
– Occupy Radio (Jim will contact)
– PLAN B: kara, maria, and other could livestream from their computers.

PLAN A: Contacting groups (Regeneracion, OWS Parents) (Ina) Luis contacted both groups previously, but without answer. Nevertheless, it seems Ina has some personal contacts with those groups.
PLAN B: – How to organize shifts for childcare among ourselves and other participants in the forum.

-Press release and list of media to contact
Jeff. Vicente. We’ll have it ready this week. With a brief blurb from last year’s forum.
Press kit on the website.
Please provide list of media here.

– Food and cooking
We realized the Commons does not have an actual kitchen to cook (no oven, no stoves), and it’s going to be difficult to prepare large meals there. Therefore, we decided to organize potluck instead. The info about meals on the website has to be changed. If there is a possibility of engaging some groups who want to take care about meals, that would be awesome, but in principle we will keep thing simple, just by encouraging participants to bring food.

– We discussed the roles needed for the sessions:

1 at least Notetaker

2 Facilitators

1 Stack-taker.

1 Paper rolls

1 twitter

-creating the document- the toolbox  -putting the screen up and typing

-writing in the paper-rolls – Begonia

– We discussed Ideas on how to facilitate sessions:
Doing a brief overview on who’s in the room. Mention some of the groups present (just to let them know we may expect their interventions).
Talking about the pains, the problems, the symptoms, as a way to start the discussion (which goes towards solving, healing those pains)
– Frame discussions in very practical terms: how can be your experience be reflected into the document we are putting together.
– Proposing strategies (Example by Antonio: artists engaging communities instead of opening cafes, boutiques, etc.)
Thinking on old projects in the city that tackled with similar problems in the past (like CHARAS, in the Lower East Side)

3. Next week:

– Task for this week  for everybody: putting further questions for the sessions on the planning doc. These questions would help to develop each session.

– Sending reminder email to all the organizations and groups already contacted, asking for confirmation, reminder of registration, asking them to add a short explanation on what each group does. THEY HAVE TO REPLY ON FRIDAY.

– SCHEDULE has to be finished next Saturday.

– We will distribute roles and functions for each Session next Saturday. Next Saturday is a crucial meeting, since it’s the last one before the Forum, so please all of you who can attend, please do so.

– Next meeting will take place on the Commons Brooklyn too? Maria please confirm this.