A couple of comments regarding functioning of the group, meetings, etc.

In order to avoid confusion and to make things easier to plan, we discussed the need for having a permanent meeting space and time. It was also discussed the possibility of meeting every two weeks, and not every week.


After those comments, we went into several points of discussion:


1. Next meeting

It will take place in two weeks, i.e. Saturday, February 9. Space: TBD. Antonio is going to check a space in Lower East Side to see if it’s available. If there are other ideas, please communicate to the list. We would need a quiet space, with internet access.


2. People’s Recovery Summit


The People’s Recovery Summit is taking place next weekend at Church of St. Luke & St. Matthew, Brooklyn (see map).

As it has been said both in yesterday’s and last week’s meeting, it would be really interesting to go to events like this, for various reasons. One of them is that this can help us to check the pulse of the ongoing discussions, ideas and initiatives regarding Sandy. But it will be also very useful in terms of our Forum’s preparation (making new contacts, knowing what other events are contributing to the discussion would help us avoid redundancy, etc.). Our MW friend Sara Burke is participating at a panel on Saturday morning. Some of us are going on Saturday to the Summit.


3. Ideas for the Forum

As you all know, we are starting the organization of the upcoming Forum on the Commons, which will take place beginning of April. Our next meeting on Feb. 9 will be very important for the organizing process. Thus, we will bring to that meeting all our ideas for the Forum. Please bring ideas on the following points.

a) Groups/Organizations/Individuals to be contacted.

b) Keywords and terms and possible titles for the Forum. This will help us to build the general framework and narrative needed to write the invitations.

c) Proposal for Spaces.

d) Proposals on Graphic Design, Material for publicizing the Forum.

e) Ideas on Structure, program, schedule.