Right now, we have to reach out to the most people possible. If possible, it can be very helpful and effective to personalize invitiations and specify why we are inviting each group (what do we want them to share, to talk about, specific projects, not so much the org in general).



– Tape, labels, to identify people, groups, etc.

Welcome table

– Food: one meal, or all meals? Rene and Ayreen (Community Kitchen Project)?, Rice and Dreams?

– Screen projector with live transcripts

– Childcare.



– Brooklyn Community TV. (Kara)

– Downtown Community TV.

– Paper Tiger TV

Offer them to tape at least 1 session,



Dynamics in the forum

– Groups introducing themselves.


Structures, formats

– Discussion, workshops. Need for approach reportbacks differently.



Potluck of strategies, knowledges?

How do your work relate to the concept of the commons?

Could the concept of the commons be useful in your work?

Could a commons toolbox be useful for your work?

If there is a document coming out from this event, what should it include? How could the product of this event be useful, be helpful for your work?


In what ways groups are different or similar? How can we look at differences? In what do these differences consist? How to overcome them? How do groups think their relations to other groups? How groups identify themselves?

What do we have/we don’t have in common?

How capitalism affects the working of groups in the city?


Imagine how to change things. Imaginary landscape?




Friday 6 – 10pm.

1. Introduction:

Last year

This year: what we want to do?

2. Food.

3. Session:

How do communities identify with and participate in the process of commoning?



Saturday 10am-8pm

1. Session: 10-12pm. SPACE.

2. Lunch. 12-1pm.

3. Session: 1-3pm. CARING.

4. Coffee Break: 3-3:30 PM

5. Session . 3:30-6 NETWORKS.

6. Dinner. 6-8pm.


15 minutes at the end of each session

-Repeat the initial questions.

-Paper roll.