1. We agreed on finishing the document on the forum. This document is just a way of summarize what was discussed then, just to offer people who were not there a clear summary of the discussions. At the same time, once the document is finished, we can send it to participants, and everyone we want, in order to continue a conversation. We stressed the fact that it would be great for us to at least accomplish this, so we can offer (give back) something to the participants, and also other organizations and groups we may contact in the future. We leave the whole “toolbox” approach, in the sense that we will elaborate only this brief document, and then we will meet with groups and organizations to keep on working/expanding that document.

2. This can be helpful in order to define more clearly what MW do. Our general project would be a sort of mapping groups and organizations in the city -sort of what we already are doing- and having conversations. We convened on the need of using more the website to publish reports and notes on those encounters. Antonio suggested some very interesting groups (Chinese Workers Center, Initiative against sweatshops, both in LES)

3. Susana just finished transcribing Oscar Oliveras’ interview. Susana and me are going to edit it in a way that is easier to translate. Begonia will ask our friend Liz for the translation.

4. We will held a “working meeting” next Sat, June 29 at the Goethe Institut. We convened it can be helpful to meet and work together on the document (working together is better that doing it alone!). I just looked at the Goethe Institut webpage and Wyoming building space seems to be free next Sat. So what aobut meeting there next Sat, from 4pm to 6pm?

(Notes taken by Vicente)