Meeting Minutes  Feb 9, 2012
Attendees: Janet M, Kara, David, Antonio, Vicente, Susanna, Maria B, Begonia, Luis, Maleni, Max

*I. Feb 14th – Making Worlds Thursday Event. @ 16 Beaver w/  Isidro and Alexa*

V- We’ve been in touch with Beaver.
S- We were thinking to talk about commons charters, Isidro is part of the Common Charter of Madrid. They made a beautiful document which applies to the city of Madrid. Compare and contrast mediaeval to the present. Stating this is how we see the city to the commons. We are also inviting Alexa Bradley since she is working on the the Great Lakes Commons. Also we thought to invite Hatuey Ramos-Fermin who researched the Community Benefit Agreement in the Bronx.

V- We think it might be interesting to talk about these forms/tool, like David mentioned Public trust Doctrine.

K- This sounds similar too-“Safe outside the System project”- This is a harms reductions document, where a number of community orgs in BedStuy, to develop a program, safe outside the system. The idea is that the police are not looking out for the community. The idea is that the community will care for themselves and look out for the youth especially. The question is to ask of the community what it means for a community to be safe without police. … Seems like there are a lot of models through out the country, it is not unique, I know Chicago has some things. These are also coalition based. I believe initiated by  the Audrey Lord project, because of harassment of queer youth.

S. Format on Thursday, small 10 min presentations, then we start to talk. This is like the last discussion.

V. We are also collaborating with Beaver so we have to see how this works.

S. Thursday will also be a kind of community dinners. That night. But are interested in doing it in different locations. Maybe it will be like a revolutionary love dinner. Maybe we can bring win

V. Presentation – intro on the charters.
Isidro on Madrid Charter, then Alexa since she has to leave at 8pm. Then the dinner.

Also thought to mention Citizens Rescue Plan, a coalition of groups that are trying to empower people in Spain. For example they are working with anti-austerity measures. Not that they are resistance, but the citizen must rescue themselves. Not being passive anymore but that the people rescue themselves.  Would like to talk about this also on Thursday Feb 14th. There is a question about how to have real public systems like education. Something that has a more autonomous initiatives. – This is a section that we want to include in the discussion.

S- maybe we can talk about looking at the change from “public” to “commons”

? – Maybe we talk about the “how to” like the tithes (?). How doctors and patients are coming together. Maybe we can look at those strategies.

V. This is like a systems rescue plan

MB- I’d be much more interested in looking how one group is doing.

K- Id also want to know how they started the process.

S- Do you think we should have some points that we would like to listen about, like the organizations. the writing, the charter??

MB- I think that would be great to frame it a little more.

K – I have a question, I will not be able to be there. But I am curious is there is any space or time to build into this some brain storming that pulls out idea from people. What then would be our rescue. Given that the night will have some thing communal, and convening, ti seems like a possibility to take advantage of that. One brain storming.

MB- I would like to push ourselves more. Were report backs are common, maybe thinking of something would be more creative, like performance, fun, dance. Based on this word. That we would like to try with a group.

V. We are collaborating with Malav (he suggested George Caffentzis, we are already including the community dinner project.)

A- And even to skype in Peter (west coast)

K – Let me put it this way, what are the things that people are bring to the space, that can lead to concrete things. Instead of like  “see you next time.” Some thing that we can build.

V. We want to feel comfortable with the collaboration.

K- I have idea, maybe cluster of people that have to come up with a toast. Not huge but a conversation. And it doesn’t take much coordinating.

MB- How this event planning get started?
V. One idea lead to the other, Isidro, Alexa to Hatuey, to 16 Beaver to Commons Notions to Community dinner project.

*II. Making Worlds FORUM 2013 *

V- Document was started, please ask to join if you are volunteering to plan. Most pressing is something concerning the space and the dates.
MB- How Many People
S- maybe 100
MB- Maybe the Brooklyn Commons.
S – Maybe they are having trouble, they needed money.
MB- Paying might have to be an option.

We can also have  groups to find space:
1-Abrons – Antonio and Janet
2- 6th Street Community Center. -K
3- Brooklyn Commons – Maria
(Sarah cant do april)
4- The Church of the Ascension. Vicente
5- Reformist Church, on Noble St., near by.-Kara

Sarah has many people coming and coordinating with use during the forum. End of March beginning of April.

End of March Fri 29th Sat 30th.  5pm-10pm (evening)/ Saturday 9am -10pm (entire day) Second option: April 5th 6th.

Lets check dates for all the places and then vote.

Themes for theForum…
Luis- Look at Movement Space, very interesting website had a poll of what people want from spaces.
MB-  Finding space might be a topic to have a roundtable discussion.
Sara mentioned that it was not a conversation too much presentation. So if we keep more open structure for discuss.
These topics about the network where there is autonomy but on the same efforts.
S-Titles “building Spaces for the 99%” some  title that we mentioned.
S-Can we include theoretic/tools: Community land Trust, Community benefits agreements.
S- Finding a place for the commons.
– The Instituting a space- Community Based Agreements. I was thinking about legal supports.
L- Brooklyn Base has tenant rights discussion with Lawyers.
A- Securing, reproducing the commons?