0 -Paper rolls or Blackboard with things we need, asking for volunteers for different tasks – and also with the SCHEDULE AND THE QUESTIONS (separate)
Begonia will do it

1-press release (where to send, who will take care of it — the docu is ready)
-Jeff will send it – maybe Bahare – and Marcos will find the list of media
-Vicente will add Jeff to the internal list

2- distribute tasks for the forum
-documentation in the screen – Maria will check if there’s a projector in Brooklyn Commons – David has a projector that he could bring
-the documentation will happen in a Google doc so everyone can contribute

FRIDAY 29, 6 – 10pm

1. Introduction 6-7pm

Welcome & discuss format of the Forum.
Reflections about last year’s Forum on the Commons
Arts and Labor Resource Booklet presentation & explain commons specific toolbox? (Lead into next question…) Antonio and/or another Alternantive economies group person.
This year: what would we like to do?
2 Notetaker (in the screen) Antonio Maleni
2 Facilitators – Luis Maria
1 Stack-taker. -open – volunteer
1 Paper rolls- Begonia
1 twitter – open – volunteer
1 documentation (livestream) Jeff
childcare Janet K.
2. Dinner. 7-8pm
3. Session:8-10pm.

How do communities identify with and participate in the process of commoning?

How do we envision the future of the commons? What would people like to see?
1 Notetaker. Janet K.
2 Facilitators. Vicente Susana
1 Stack-taker. – open
1 Paper rolls – Luis
1 twitter. – open
1 documentation

SATURDAY 30, 10am – 8pm
1. Session: 10-12pm


How can commoning be a form of resistance to neoliberal privatization?
1-2 Notetaker(s). Susana Luis
2 Facilitators Marcos Janet K.
1 Stack-taker. Begonia
1 Paper rolls – kara (also willing to be notetaker, facilitate, document)
1 twitter – open
documentation livestream Jim
(childcare) Maleni

2. Lunch. 12-1pm
3. Session: 1-3pm


How are people in NYC creating common spaces?

1-2 Notetaker(s) – kara (also willing to facilitate) Jeff
2 Facilitators Maria Vicente
1 Stack-taker. – volunteer
1 Paper rolls Begonia
1 twitter – open
documentation Susana

4. Coffee Break: 3-3:30 pm

5. Session: 3:30-6


How can commoning efforts support and strengthen each other?
1-2 Notetakers – Vicente Jeff
2 Facilitators Jim / Antonio
1 Stack-taker. – Luis
1 Paper rolls -begonia
1 twitter – open
documentation David
child care – kara – (also willing to notetake, facilitate, document)
6. Dinner and open assembly: 6-8pm
1-2 Notetaker(s) Janet K
2 Facilitators Jim – (review of the document on the screen – the “toolkit”)
1 Stack-taker.
1 Paper rolls – begonia
1 twitter – open
kara – also willing to notetake, document
Childcare Luis
Cleaning after the event all of us?

3- Structure of the sessions – see-add questions to keep the conversation going/ Invited people: who confirmed?
1 – Introduction
– explain the format – no speaker-or audience
– open the first part (about last year) to people that
– presentation of booklet of Arts & Labor

2- sessions
– Ideas on how to facilitate sessions:

-Doing a brief overview on who’s in the room. Mention some of the groups present (just to let them know we may expect their interventions).
-Remind the proposed questions for the session
-Talking about the pains, the problems, the symptoms, as a way to start the discussion (which goes towards solving, healing those pains) – Get input about experiences
-Frame discussions in very practical terms: how can your experience be reflected into the document we are putting together.
-Breaking into groups and proposing strategies (Antonio: artists engaging communities instead of opening cafes) – What could we do? What is already being done?
-Thinking of previous projects in the city that tackled with similar problems in the past (like CHARAS, in the Lower East Side)

4- EMAIL FOR INVITEES remind it about the format and the schedule – Vicente will do this (asking them to engage with the questions. No presentations, but answers to the questions from their experience and position), explain the role of the document.
HANDOUT -Luis will open a google doc for the handout – Maleni and Susana can print it – We can put it on the web also so that people can add more or rephrase questions
5-collect some money from ourselves at the meeting (… $1-5 each to have funds for basic things? like the paper rolls, markers, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, coffee-tea for the breaks? cups, plates, napkins, containers).
-Maria will bring coffee, tea and sugar
-Jim and David will coordinate to bring the food
-We will be passing the hat to collect for the Brooklyn Commons

Kara: BCTV and other did not work. What do we do?
-Maria and Begonia are going to contact Global Revolution Livestream

7- Childcare – it\s distributed in the tasks…

8- Food.
Idea by Begonia: two main courses: lentil soup and ginger carrot soup – Maleni and Luis will help Begonia – maybe Maria
-David will bring chicken from Queens – Susana will bring a cake
-There is a casserole warmer in the Brooklyn Commons – Janet M. will bring also pots – Janet K. will preapre cous-cous
-Everyone is invited to cook at Marias’ on Friday at 12pm