May Day: list of activities in which people from Making Worlds: A Commons Coalition will participate.

“Making Worlds: A Commons Coalition” will gather at 3 p.m. at Union Square by the Gandhi Sculpture with flyers and banners. We will join the march to Wall St. at 5pm.


Teach-in @ 11- noon @ Bryant Park
Sara Burke and Chris Rude

11-11:30am: Chris Rude: teach-in on banking and fiscal crisis

11:30 -12:00: Sara Burke: teach-in on trends and concepts of inequality, and OWS’s perspective on it.

Gathering to make signs and banners:
11am at the Gandhi sculpture in Union Square (south west area, across the street from Staples).

3:00pm at Union Square (by the statue of Gandhi)
Making Worlds is meeting at the Gandhi sculpture in Union Square with flyers and will join the march to Wall St. at 5pm

Aaron Burr Society
6:30 pm
 at the corner of Liberty and Nassau Streets (1 block from Zuccotti Park)

The Aaron Burr Society will march, walk, dance and parade around the Federal Reserve Bank while throwing Pennies into the street. This offering of Pennies as Seeds of Change is a Spring Ritual for the growth of Economic Justice. The ritual summons the Spirits of Change to liberate our Planet and it’s People from the toxic poisons and human degradation of Capitalism. The ritual acknowledges that we cannot have a clean, sustainable environment without Economic and Social Justice internationally; a new era with the planet in balance, our earth in harmony, all people equally.