Saturday October 20th, 5pm-7pm.

Momenta Art, 56 Bogart Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206.

(718) 218-8058
On Saturday, October 20th, 5pm-7pm we will gather at Momenta Art in order to build a collective calendar of the euro-crisis and the new movements that have emerged in Spain, Greece, and Portugal.

Continuing with the project of exercising history as a commons that we started at the Free University, we will create a timeline in a roll of paper, collecting memories and stories of what has been happening in Greece, Portugal and Spain so as to open our movement to a dialogue with other critical situations that have led to innovative political happenings.

Since we do not learn much from the media, we would like to start creating our own narratives, seeing how much we know of the different movements and critical situations that have been taking place in the world and how much can we still ask and learn.

We would like to build together a living monument with materials, objects, papers, that help us talk about the different movements and situations. Please bring your thoughts, ideas, memories, and anything you think can help us to build a shared knowledge and make sense (a “common sense”) of how a common history (or a history built up in common) would look like.

For this, we invite you to share your experience or just join the conversation! Spread the word…

This is a collective activity and we encourage you to write down your ideas/suggestions/questions  below