On Friday 9/21 we will be part of The Free University, an open event at Madison Sq. Park.  We wish to invite everybody to join us at 3:00 p.m.  We will focus in a discussion about the history of #OWS, its antecedents, its highlights, in order to collectively share the memory of what happen this last year to all of us.

History is the first commons. But collective history and memories are usually turned into a single narrative where one voice and outlook claims to stand for all the voices. Turning history back into a collective narrative of many voices is the beginning of putting history back into the commons. This activity is conceived as a workshop for a participated history of Occupy.

Anniversaries are usually conceived as a celebration of past events or to draw a “balance” sheet of achievements and weaknesses.

What we would like to do in this activity is neither falling into celebratory nostalgia, nor assuming the cold perspective of the expert. We would like to use memory not as the recipient of the past, but as a tool for reflecting on the future.

How did  you experience this year? What did Occupy meant to you one year ago? What does it mean to you now? How has Occupy changed and transformed itself during these 12 months? Which has been its impact? How has Occupy been perceived? How can Occupy change in the future? Has the concept of the Commons played any role in these developments? Could it be politically fruitful in further stages of the movement?

We would like to build together a living monument with materials, objects, papers, that help us talk about Occupy past, present and future. Please bring your thoughts, ideas, memories, and anything you think can help us to build a shared knowledge and make sense (a “common sense”) of these last 12 months.

We will be at the point M (see the map below).

More information about the Free University can be found here: http://freeuniversitynyc.org/

You can also follow the hashtag #FreeU to see what’s going on in real time.