Making World Encounter: Commons Charters February 14th, 2013



Every monday different collectives and indivuals gather from 5pm to 7pm at 16Beaver for the Common(s) Course.

Check the readings, discussions, and more in this link:   Common(s) course at 16beaver

“The Common(s) course is a beginning for what we hope will grow into a set of collective inquiries and experiences in commoning the city and exploring the potentials for withdrawing from the community of money.
It begins in the shape of a course or seminar, meeting each Monday early evening from 5:15 to 7:15 or so. It will be molecular in its organization, but there is a group composed of individuals involved with 16 Beaver, friends from CUNY, and other friends of the space including George Caffentzis, Silvia Federici, and David Harvey who will collectively care for this inquiry.

We also hope that what we are theorizing as a common(s) course is not only a context of learning but also becomes a space of friendship, collective inquiry, experiments, political activity and reclaiming a culture of the common(s).”