Making Worlds is a collaborative effort by Occupy Wall St and other groups and individuals to explore the utility of the commons in creating a better world
Hashtag: #MWForum13


We would like to address the 4 mentioned questions in each session. Also, we propose some keywords as threads for the different sessions.

At the end of each session we would like to dedicate some time to collect ideas for a toolbox of the commons, which we would like to add later to the common text.

FRIDAY 29, 6 – 10pm

1. Introduction: 6 pm -7 pm

2. Dinner. Potluck: 7 pm-8 pm

3. Session: 8 pm – 10 pm

  • How do communities identify with and participate in the process of commoning?
  • How do we envision the future of the commons? What would people like to see?
SATURDAY 30, 10am – 8pm

1. Session: 10-12pm

  • How can commoning be a form of resistance to neoliberal privatization?

2. Lunch (Potluck). 12-1pm

3. Session: 1-3pm

  • How are people in NYC creating common spaces?

4. Coffee Break: 3-3:30 pm

5. Session: 3:30-6

  • How can commoning efforts support and strengthen each other?

6. Potluck Dinner and open assembly: 6-8pm

What do you think?

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