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Monthly archive March, 2013
Photos from Building The Commons Forum Day 2

Photos from Building The Commons Forum Day 2

Photos from day 2 of the 2013 forum.
Photos from Building The Commons Forum Day 1

Photos from Building The Commons Forum Day 1

Photos from day 1 of the 2013 forum.

Meeting Minutes March 23, 2013

0 -Paper rolls or Blackboard with things we need, asking for volunteers for different tasks – and also with the SCHEDULE AND THE QUESTIONS (separate) Begonia will do it 1-press release (where to send, who will take care of it — the docu is ready) -Jeff will send it – maybe Bahare – and Marcos...
'Building The Commons' Forum March 29th & 30th

‘Building The Commons’ Forum March 29th & 30th

Making Worlds is pleased to announce the next 2nd Forum on the Commons: “BUILDING THE COMMONS”, to be held Friday and Saturday, March 29-30, 2013. We envision 2 days of workshops and conversations on how to build spaces and projects for a politics, technology, culture, and an economy of, by and for the 99%. Come join...

Minutes for Saturday, March 16 2013

Agenda 16 March – 2013: meeting at Brooklyn Commons 1- Update on confirmed attendees (what groups are? how to connect them, structure the sessions, etc.? – Make a separate googledoc for confirmed organizations. We will use this as a template for putting names of orgs and groups at MW website. – That list will include:...

Minutes for Saturday, March 9 2013

Right now, we have to reach out to the most people possible. If possible, it can be very helpful and effective to personalize invitiations and specify why we are inviting each group (what do we want them to share, to talk about, specific projects, not so much the org in general).   Logistics – Tape,...

Forum Schedule

Friday, 6 to 10 pm 1. Intro.  What we did last year.  Questions to address this year. 2. Dinner! 3. Discussion Session:  How do communities identify with and participate in the process of commoning? Saturday, 10 am to 8 pm 1st. session (10-12 am): Caring. 12-1 pm: Lunch 2nd session (1-3 pm): Space 3rd session...

Minutes, February 23 2013

At Goethe House: present: Ina, Begonia, Susanna, Vicente, Melanie, Antonio, JanetM, Marcos, JanetK Decision to meet every week until forum: next meeting Sat. Mar. 2, 4 PM Goethe House, 5 E. 3rd Street (at Bowery). Title of forum: Building the Commons, but Vicente suggested Weaving the Commons, which some people felt was a closer description...